About us

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

The Company

Located on beautiful San Juan Island, just North of Seattle, San Juan Software provides products, training and services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in order to promote the widespread adoption of the IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee standard for wireless sensor networks.

We examine the various solutions and actively engage with and promote those that we feel add the most value for OEM customers. Rather than being neutral, SJS takes a very focused approach and partners deeply with a select few.

Our Vision

A quiet revolution is happening. Imagine a world where sensors are inexpensive and deployed all around us, in devices we work with, at home and when we travel. Sensor and control networks will allow us to conserve resources, enhance quality of life, increase safety and improve processes and profits. The key is to detect a condition and take immediate action through wireless sensor and control networks. These sensor networks are becoming a central part of the Internet of Everything, which will encompass trillions of devices.

The Management Team

Tim Gillman

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at San Juan Software, Tim has over 25 years of experience selling and marketing embedded systems firmware and software, with a focus on wireless-M2M, operating systems, and other system level software. Tim is the chair of a Task Group in the ZigBee Alliance Marketing Work Group and the Secretary for the ZigBee Alliance Pro Core Group. He has written articles on ZigBee for RCR Wireless and other publications and has spoken on ZigBee at industry trade shows. He holds an MBA from Oregon State University.

Drew Gislason

President of San Juan Software, Drew has more than 25 years experience in the embedded marketed, and has created software embedded in products as diverse as Canon digital cameras, Nokia cellular phones and Symbol bar code readers, Trane HVAC systems and Boeing aviation systems. Lately he has been designing and developing devices and protocols for the Internet of Things, including such communication protocols as ZigBee, Thread and Bluetooth. Within the ZigBee Alliance, Drew has held positions such as the ZigBee Health Care Chair and Co-Chair of the Home Automation work group. He is a major contributor to the ZigBee specifications, and has spoken on ZigBee at numerous industry trade shows, and wrote the definitive work ZigBee Wireless Networking. Drew attended the University of Washington.

Drew Gislason wrote the book on ZigBee

Our Customers

San Juan Software customers cover a wide range and tend to be Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Here are a few you might recognize:


The Boeing Company

Texas Instruments








Analog Devices




Ingersoll Rand


Cubic Corporation






Digi International

Lamprey Networks







San Juan Software is an NXP Connect Partner and

a Texas Instruments Design Network partner