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San Juan Software, based in Friday Harbor, WA on San Juan Island (near Seattle), is a leader in the ZigBee Alliance,, an organization with a mission to define a complete open global standard for reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked products addressing monitoring and control. By combining low cost sensors, microcontrollers and transceivers in a mesh network, specific conditions can be detected and addressed immediately. By placing resources where they are needed right when they are needed, a great deal of money, energy and water can be saved in homes, commercial businesses, industrial and medical environments. This is a fascinating business that is going to grow rapidly in the next few years.

San Juan Software provides training, application software and other services for the companies that are making these products. We are expanding our team of developers and are looking for highly productive, quality embedded C and desktop Windows programmers. Because we are also a leader in ZigBee training, we can provide ZigBee instruction.

Embedded Software Engineer
San Juan Software, a leader in wireless networking software for devices in the Internet of Things is seeking an Embedded Software Engineer

Description Of Work:
This is a technical position that provides programming, and unit testing of wireless networking software applications.
Duties & Responsibilities:
This is a software engineering position.  Need someone with good C experience in an embedded systems environment.

• Coding experience in C
• Experience with ZigBee protocols and IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers preferred
• Experience on IAR embedded workbench for ARM
• Good debugging & problem solving skills
• Shall create Statements of Work (SOWs) and Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs)
• Shall contribute to the architecture and design

San Juan Software is a Design Alliance Partner with Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor), and a Design Network Partner with Texas Instruments. Qualified applicants, please send a résumé. Send any questions via email.

"Just as the personal computer was a symbol of the '80s, and the symbol of the '90s is the World Wide Web, the next nonlinear shift, is going to be the advent of cheap sensors."
– Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future

Job location is Seattle, WA, USA.

Compensation commensurate with experience and skill level.