Freescale Semiconductor and San Juan Software

San Juan Software has a proven track record of custom software development for ZigBee, RF4CE, the Internet of Things (IoT) or other Freescale wireless sensor and control networking such as MAC, SMAC and Synkro.

San Juan Software offers its own proprietary stack using Freescale components: PopNet is a full mesh networking stack for which it is much easier to develop applications. A full application and the PopNet stack can fit in less than half the space and can take less than half the time to develop as compared with ZigBee.

San Juan Software provides hands-on ZigBee technical training on the Freescale platform. For schedule please see our website: We also offer on-site training to development teams that are customized to address the topics that are most important to you.

 In fact San Juan Software has collaborated with Freescale on the ZigBee Pro and two other ZigBee BeeStack versions. We offer training on the full range of Freescale IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers.  We provide software services from a couple of days of review and consulting advice through writing full ZigBee applications. Through the Freescale Connect Partner program, Freescale customers can find San Juan Software. Prospective customers can contact us to set up a free conference call with a qualified engineer who can provide some immediate helpful suggestions and get a better understanding of the project scope and challenges. Contact us.

San Juan Software Recommended Solutions

Offering Type Description Supported Freescale Solutions
Run-time Software: Middleware
PopNet Protocol Stacks PopNet™ is a robust,easy to use wireless, mesh networking protocol and operating environment designed to work with low cost, IEEE 802.15.4 radios and microcontrollers for low-power sensor and control applications. A ZigBee "light" for the IoT/IoE.
Independent Design House (IDH)
Hardware/Software Engineering Services   Software Engineering Services:San Juan Software can help you create your ZigBee/15.4 wireless sensor network application. From design review to turn-key solutions, San Juan Software can help you meet your needs, your schedule and your budget

Live In-depth Training
SJS ZigBee 101   ZigBee Wireless Networking with Freescale BeeStack. Gain proficiency in writing ZigBee applications with the BeeStack tools and IDE (Code Warrior or IAR EWARM)

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Awards from Freescale:

2006: ZigBee Partner of the Year

2007: ZigBee Partner of the Year

2008: Best in Show, Freescale Technology Forum        Drew Gislason Explains on YouTube

2011: People's Choice, Freescale Technology Forum