Customer Testimonials for San Juan Software Custom Engineering

"Nearing the end of a two year project to produce an emergency nurse call system packed with features, we began to experience issues when testing with more than 100 ZigBee Routers in a single network. I bought a book on ZigBee that gave us many new ideas to try, but still we were not entirely successful. A week later the chip vendor told us to contact San Juan Software. I called up San Juan and we spoke in general terms about the project. As we spoke I was looking over their web site. I was surprised to see Drew Gislason, the author of the same ZigBee networking book I had just purchased. So for the first time, I was getting help from the guy that “wrote the book”. It was refreshing to have a supplier understand what was required right from the start. San Juan Software’s engineer was able to take our development source code and within a few weeks most of the issues were resolved. The end result was we had an efficient high density network structure that could handle the hundreds of routers and hundreds more endpoints…exactly what we were looking for." -Mike Mahoney, IgeaCare Solutions Inc.

“San Juan Software helped us build the embedded software on our product.  Because of their strong industry connections and experience, they were able to overcome a number of deep bugs that would have been show stoppers for us.  The principals of San Juan Software are also high ranking members of the ZigBee Alliance and are plugged into the strategic decisions that impact ZigBee's future.  They also have strong connections to vendors who offer embedded chip solutions.  We have been very pleased with their professionalism / quality and work very well with them.”  –Jun Shimada, ThinkEco, Inc.

"The team at San Juan Software is great at identifying needs, scoping out the project and meeting deadlines. I would definitely work with them again." – Andrew Poliak, QNX

"For more than 10 years, Tim Gillman and Drew Gislason have been always listening to the requirements in Japan and helped us with their outstanding creativity in both technology and business sense." – Hiro Kato, President, A.I.Corporation


San Juan Software Offers Professional ZigBee Services

ZigBee Brings New Challenges

ZigBee wireless sensor networks can save money and provide more timely information over wired networks or non-networked sensor options. It can also be used in new ways for new purposes that will disrupt industries and create opportunities for new market leaders to arise. With so many opportunities come many challenges. As the industry continuously offers new products, services and companies it is difficult to sort the hype from reality.

Let San Juan Software guide you through the ever changing landscape of ZigBee products.

When you are ready to start writing your wireless sensor network application, San Juan Software is there for you. Whether you only need a day or two for design review or need all the software developed to take an idea from concept to market roll-out, San Juan Software can help you meet your needs, your schedule and your budget.

  • Software Services Offered:
  • Software requirements documents.
  • Complete application architecture and development.
  • Review of your software design.
  • Software troubleshooting and debugging services.
  • Software and tools training.
  • ZigBee certification consulting.

San Juan Software Delivers ZigBee Application Software Expertise

With many years of low-level and embedded software experience, the experts at San Juan Software can meet your ZigBee software application development challenges, save you money, reduce the learning curve and help you get the right product to market faster.

  • Trained on multiple wireless sensor network stacks and APIs.
  • Strong specification and communication skills: understand "why" not just "how".
  • Our experts' software has been included in hundreds of successful consumer, industrial automation, data acquisition, military and medical products.
  • Many years experience in writing C and Assembly code for systems with limited RAM and Flash.
  • Thorough knowledge of ZigBee companies, products and services.
  • Strategic alliances with key industry players.
  • Member of the ZigBee Alliance and contributor to the ZigBee Technical Work Groups.

Move Beyond Cost Reduction

Companies all over the world are being challenged to do more with fewer resources. By focusing on your core functions and outsourcing software development services from San Juan Software you can reduce risk, add value and improve your time-to-revenue. Because San Juan Software is a U.S. company, we can offer localized support that matches your business hours or if needed provide support at your location.

San Juan Software takes the time to understand the "why" in your product specifcations, ensuring you get exactly the solution you need, with emphasis on the aspects important to you. We develop a proposal designed specifically to suit your needs for each project, and pride ourselves in completing the work in a quality and timely manner.

San Juan Software can work with you in finding the best solution to fit your needs in terms of cost, schedule or features.

Coding Standards

San Juan Software is flexible and willing to follow our customers’ coding standards for consistency. We can also provide our own rigid coding standards to assure our customers that they are getting quality code that is easy to maintain. See our coding standards.

Other Services

Our experts are also very knowledgeable about working with Real Time Operating Systems, writing device drivers, porting code to other microprocessors, working with flash memory and other embedded system software support.

Other Wireless Sensor Networks

Our experts have been trained in wireless sensor networks other than ZigBee. If you are looking for a simple star or cluster tree network and do not want to implement a full ZigBee solution we can assist you.

Take The Next Step

Contact us to discuss your project’s scope and your needs in confidence. After a simple (no fee) interview, we will provide you with a single proposal or multiple options as you desire. We are flexible in offering our services on an hourly time-and-materials basis or a fixed project bid.

Contact San Juan Software at or (360) 243-7407(360) 243-7407

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