On-Site Custom Training

Most effective for development teams that have decided to implement ZigBee, San Juan Software offers a two day, custom tailored, hands-on training program on  ZigBee™ at your facility, on your development work stations. A highly knowledgeable, qualified instructor will come to your location and provide training for your development team (up to 12 engineers). Invite your sales and marketing team in for an overview of ZigBee product benefits, licensing requirements and capabilities. The instructor will interview your team lead to determine which aspects are most critical and use a detailed explanation with flow diagrams on specific topics that are relevant to your applications.

The cost for on-site custom training is $7,995 for two days for up to 12 developers. Additional staff members are welcome to learn about ZigBee from an overview. Travel expenses of the instructor are included in this price for the USA. We ask that you provide a training room, a large monitor or LCD projector, and developer work stations for each participant of the hands-on portion of the training. Contact us to arrange scheduling. For an additional $2,500 San Juan Software will provide laptops with software tools and the Ubiqua Sensor Network Analyzer along with development boards,  programmers and sniffers for up to 12 developers for the duration of the course. A proctor will also come along to help set up the equipment and assist in the hands-on training.


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ZigBee Wireless Control That Simply Works

The objective is to make ZigBee simple to the customers that use it. Considering the many facets of ZigBee and the complications of wireless, delivering on that promise is not an easy task. San Juan Software offers training programs that can help you deliver on that promise. Our customers have told us that they have cut months out of the learning curve with our two-day training sessions. Our trainers are ZigBee experts, experienced in ZigBee development, active in the ZigBee Alliance and its specification. When Freescale needs someone to train their technical team or their customers, they turn to San Juan Software first.


Gain proficiency in writing ZigBee applications with the tool-chain and ZigBee hardware platform

Learn to setup a full ZigBee network using a standard devlopment kit, understand examples of applications provided in the class, which portions of pre-existing applications may be used as the basis of a new application, and the components required for a new ZigBee application.

Your team will learn about additional tools such as the Ubiqua Network Analyzer as well as additional resources available to expand information about ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 and learn about ZigBee profiles and certification.

Target Audience

The training is designed for technically oriented development teams proficient in C programming. No experience with platform tool chain is necessary, although experience with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is helpful. Non-technical staff may be interested in the overview of ZigBee as well as the certification process.

Sample Two Day ZigBee Training

First half day: Overview of ZigBee Alliance, markets, technology and use cases. PowerPoint™ presentation on architecture, device types and development boards.

Second half day: Hands-on training to bring up an initial ZigBee network, complete with custom training application.

Third half day: Delve deeper into ZigBee technology, including clusters, attributes, and profile IDs and endpoints, and deployment.

Fourth half day: Discuss OEM ZigBee certification process. Hands-on with sophisticated debugging and development tools. Learn where to go for more information.