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ZigBee Articles from San Juan Software

RCR Wireless: Reality Check: Three Things to Expect from Your Wireless Sensor Network

by Tim Gillman, VP, San Juan Software, for ZigBee Alliance.
There are three criteria that any developer should look for in a wireless sensor network. First, the network should be highly reliable. Second, it must offer high security and third, it must be based on an open global standard. Some may focus on considerations, such as cost, performance, power budget, etc., but these factors often lead to false economies without greater emphasis on the three criteria. More

EE Times Article by San Juan Software Founder Drew Gislason Excerpts from Drew Gislason' s book ZigBee Wireless Networking has been featured in a series of articles from EETimes Design:

ZigBee applications - Part 1: Sending and receiving data


ZigBee applications - Part 2: No common C API


ZigBee applications - Part 3: ZigBee PANs


ZigBee applications - Part 4: ZigBee addressing


ZigBee applications - Part 5: Addressing within the node


ZigBee applications - Part 6: Profiles


ZigBee applications - Part 7: ZigBee Security & Application Support Sublayer


Reality Check: Certified programs – Speeding product development and instilling consumer confidence

ZigBee Article in RCR Wireless by Clint Powell, Chair of ZigBee Qualification Group, ZigBee Alliance and Owner of PWC, who also collaborates with San Juan Software

Other ZigBee Articles

The Internet of Things Starts at the Smart Home

The smart and energy-efficient home, monitored and controlled by one central application on your smartphone, will finally become a reality and introduce a connected ecosystem for everyday living.
More applications for smartphones are becoming available every day, making the smartphone a centerpiece of communication for the future smart, connected home. Some of these applications intend to “check and control things at home,” like temperature control as in changing the setting of the thermostat, security—making sure that doors are locked—or energy management like lighting controls. Read the article in RTC Magazine

Reality Check: Comparing Wireless Sensor Networks- Wired vs. Wireless

ZigBee Article in RCR Wireless by Jay Hendrix, Building Technologies Control Products & Systems Product Management, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector.

Reality Check: Why Standards Matter

ZigBee Article in RCR Wireless by John Osborne, General Manager - Research & Development and Operations Research at The Kroger Co.

ZigBee Alliance Webinars

ZigBee Retail ServicesZigBee Retail Services (Dec 2013)
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ZigBee Home AutomationZigBee Home Automation 1.2 - Delivering Peace of Mind through Secure and Energy Efficient homes (Aug 2013)

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ZigBee Smart EnergySmart Energy Profile 2 - IP based Energy Management for the Home (May 2013)
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ZigBee RF4CEZigBee RF4CE: A Quiet Revolution is Underway (December, 2012)
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ZigBee Light LinkExploring New Lighting Opportunities with ZigBee Light Link (May, 2012)

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ZigBee Smart EnergyNew Features of ZigBee Smart Energy - Delivering Energy Management to Consumers Today  (April, 2012)
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ZigBee HealthcareZigBee Health Care: Expanding Market Opportunities With Health and Wellness Monitoring
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ZigBee Smart EnergyZigBee Smart Energy: Demand Management in a Deregulated Environment
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ZigBee Smart Energy Ecosystem
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ZigBee Home AutomationZigBee - A Standard Approach to Home Automation
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ZigBee Smart EnergyZigBee Close-Up: A New Approach to Demand Response
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ZigBee Powers Energy Efficiency
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