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ZigBee Members Meeting Cologne Germany June 15-18th

ReprZigBee Allianceesentatives of San Juan Software will attend the ZigBee Members meeting in Cologne, Germany  June 15th-18th. San Juan Software has been an active member of the ZigBee Alliance since 2004 and holds an officer position in the ZigBee Pro CoreWork Group. For more information about the ZigBee Alliance go to www.zigbee.org

Starbucks and the Powermat: Wireless Charging with the IoT

Ten Starbucks in London have installed Powermats for charging mobile phones and other devices. In order to analyze details like how long customers are in the Starbucks, how often they visit, or which Powermat locations are used most frequently, the Powermat gathers usage information from each user. Then the Powermat communicates this data to the gateway in the back room of each location, where the data is stored on a cloud location. ZigBee is ideally suited to provide a local area network where phone charging is offered in a public space because it is easy to deploy, secure, and a proven standards-based solution. More

ZigBee Alliance and Thread Group Collaborate to Aid Development of Connected Home Products

SAN RAMON, Calif. – Apr. 2, 2015 – The ZigBee Alliance (www.ZigBee.org) and the Thread Group (www.threadgroup.org) today announced they are collaborating to enable the ZigBee Cluster Library to run over Thread networks. By working together, ZigBee and Thread can jointly provide an interoperable solution to help streamline product development and ultimately improve the consumer’s experience in the connected home. More

Internet of Things Healthcare: ZigBee and Senior Lifestyle Systems

Everyone is talking about the Smart Home and the Internet of Things.  In the case of Internet of Things healthcare, the IoT promises to make us happier and healthier as well. Lifestyle monitoring, a Smart Home application which uses a network of sensors to track the movement of a senior or disabled resident in the home, connected via ZigBee wireless to a local hub, which then connects to the internet.  Within a period of one or two weeks, the cloud intelligence app learns the “normal” behavior and activities of the household. If there is a sudden or dramatic change in the anticipated movement, then an alert can be sent. More

Building a smarter "smart home" on ZigBee 3.0

No longer just gizmos and gadgets for the wealthy, devices for the smart home are fast becoming the purview of the every man. Estimates project that within the next 10 years the average household will consist of 100 connected devices, networking everything from lights and motion sensors to thermostats and smoke detectors.

With every passing day it seems more and more otherwise-mundane household items are being outfitted with connectivity. From refrigerators and washing machines to toasters and light bulbs, appliances of all kinds are being networked and marketed as elements of the impending smart home.  Continue Reading on embedded-computing.com