ZigBee Alliance Welcomes 38 New Members to Drive IoT Forward

Davis, Calif. – May 19, 2016
– The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the low-power wireless Internet of Things (IoT), today announced 38 new members have joined since the beginning of 2016. This rapid growth reflects continued industrywide support for the organization and its latest low-power RF solutions for a smarter, greener IoT – from innovative new companies to major, market-moving brands that are serious about contributing to interoperability, collaboration and unification. More

ZigBee-enabled Devices Market to Grow at a CAGR of 29.73%

Global ZigBee Enabled Devices Market 2016-2020 According to a new report released by ResearchAndMarkets,Global Zigbee-enabled Devices Market 2016-2020, analysts forecast the global ZigBee-enabled devices market to grow at a CAGR of 29.73%% during the period 2016-2020. The rapidly growing IoT market across the globe is encouraging organizations from different industries to join the ZigBee Alliance, which offers global wireless standards. ZigBee Alliance aids member companies in developing products that are compatible with ZigBee-certified products.

ZigBee Alliance Members Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 6-9th

ReprZigBee Allianceesentatives of San Juan Software will attend the ZigBee Members meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  June 6th-9th. San Juan Software has been an active member of the ZigBee Alliance since 2004 and holds an officer position in the ZigBee Pro CoreWork Group. For more information about the ZigBee Alliance go to www.zigbee.org

NXP FTF Tech Forum

NXP FTF Tech Forum May 16-19, 2016 in Austin, TX, is a technical event covering NXP embedded processing solutions for the internet of tomorrow. With more than 350 hours of technical sessions and over 250 product and technology demos, this event is packed with important information on NXP embedded solutions and the opportunity to network with others in the industry. San Juan Software is a Proven Partner is the NXP Connect Partner Program. More

Wireless Technologies Flood the IoT Landscape

Wireless Technologies Flood the IoT Landscape  May 2, 2016 - THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) continues to be a major talking point, as many look ahead to the connectivity it may bring to our world. However, an important question remains to be addressed: How will all of these IoT devices be wirelessly connected?...At the forefront of the IoT is ZigBee. More