Drew Gislason Wrote the Book on ZigBee

ZigBee Wireless Networking Book"A quiet revolution is taking place as sensors are integrated into our everyday lives in unseen ways that most would never imagine. ZigBee is quickly becoming the standard for wirelessly networking sensors and tying them to control modules that take action when and where needed. In ZigBee Wireless Networking, the author Drew Gislason takes the reader through a step-by-step tutorial with clear and concise information." The book can be ordered through Amazon.com or direct from the publisher look for it by ISBN 0750685972 

Read Excerpts from the book in a series of articles in EE Times:

ZigBee applications - Part 1: Sending and receiving data
ZigBee applications - Part 2: No common C API
ZigBee applications - Part 3: ZigBee PANs
ZigBee applications - Part 4: ZigBee addressing
ZigBee applications - Part 5: Addressing within the node
ZigBee applications - Part 6: Profiles
ZigBee applications - Part 7: ZigBee Security & Application Support Sublayer

What People Are Saying About the Book:
“I have a hard time putting the book down. Drew does an excellent job of pointing out significant development issues that I was not aware of (and this is after taking a ZigBee training class[from another company] and perusing through the plethora of PDFs available at zigbee.org).” –Tim McMahon, Jabil